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When companies provide their employees with corporate owned mobile phones, they expect these devices to be used for business purposes only rather that become the sources of data leakage. That’s why a growing number of employees implement employee tracking software on company-issued computers and mobile devices. We have researched the employee monitoring software market and selected the best apps for you to choose from.


mSpy is a multi-functional cell phone monitoring tool available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. This elite employee monitoring software allows you to monitor calls, messages, IM chats, GPS location of your employees’ smartphones, and more. Safeguard your business data with the help of advanced mSpy monitoring technology.



SpyBubble is a mobile tracking solution packed with employee monitoring features. It offers call history tracking, GPS tracking, IM chats monitoring, and more. A cost-effective tool that can keep a business owner in the legal clear.


Mobistealth is an employee tracking application for employers with basic employee monitoring needs.  No overly intrusive tracking, just what is needed to make sure corporate policies are adhered to: call recording, contact details, SIM replacement alert, SMS logging etc.


StealthGenie is a multiplatform employee tracking app with a vast array of features for comprehensive monitoring. Call interception, text messages, GPS location, web history, keywords alerts, chats, and more. Also alerts for inappropriate words use and suspicious numbers can be set up.
Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is one of the leading mobile monitoring solutions on the market. It started as an app with a handful of features and has quickly grown into a solid product with an impressive feature set. You’ll get everything, from call history to Dropbox files and messages in social networking websites.
Do you have doubts about what your employees actually do during office hours? Not sure about the security of corporate confidential information? Looking for employee monitoring software for company-issued computers and smartphones? Here you can find the answers to these questions and read detailed employee monitoring software reviews. We understand how challenging it is to choose the right software from a wide range of apps currently available on the market. To choose the best solution for employee monitoring you need to know for sure what features you need and how such software works on compatible computers or mobile devices y. Our team has done a thorough market research and reviewed the top computer monitoring apps and mobile spy software to help you choose the product tailored specifically to your business needs.We are independent reviewers and don’t get payments from any software provider. Our mission is to help you find the best solution possible for your business and will update our reviews on regular basis.

Basic Info on Employee Monitoring Apps

Employee monitoring gains popularity with a lighning speed due to the wide use of mobile devices and BYOD implementation. Employee tracking technology helps businesses prevent   corporate data theft, waste of company’s resources, decline in overall work productivity, etc. Using computer monitoring software and mobile tracking apps, you get access to all the data shared and stored on corporate PCs and cell phones: from web browsing history to keystrokes history.

Why use employee monitoring software?

So, you are an employer and invest significant amounts of time and money into your business development. Apparently, you expect the maximum of responsibility and dedication to company policy from your staff and want to be 100% confident about your business data privacy. Using corporate chats for personal conversations, surfing entertaining and gaming websites or watching movies is unacceptable during work day. Moreover, some employees can sell the confidential information to your competitors or leak some corporate secrets unintentionally in emails or chats with people from other companies. Employee monitoring software helps to avoid such unpleasant and harmful situations: you can track websites your employees visit, calls they make, messages they send and receive, files they upload and much more.

How to track employees?

Employee tracking app can be easily installed onto the corporate-owned computers, tablets or smartphones. Depending on the platform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian) of the device you want to monitor, you can use different monitoring apps. Remember that iPhone should be jailbroken to enable access to third- party applications. Also you need physical access to the computer or smartphone to  install monitoring software. Once the installation process is over, you can start monitoring your staff from any device that has access to Internet.

Evaluation criteria


Employee monitoring apps with cluttered interface and sophisticated settings do not belong in the cell phone tracking software industry. When you need to monitor several employees under one account,  everything should be clear and easy to understand even for IT newbies. Never buy the product before having a look at the demo version in the first place. Regular software updates are also essential – you hardly need an app that will get outdated in a few weeks.


Feature range depends on monitoring software vary greatly. Analyze your employee tracking needs to make a smart choice – after all, paying for features you will never use isn’t what you need (maybe, computer monitoring software with basic options will be enough).  If you have reasons to suspect some of your employees in corporate data theft or some other inappropriate behavior at work, you probably need a powerful GPS tracker that can log SMS, chat messages, track media files, send keyword alerts, record phone conversations, etc. If you need a tracker to detect star employees and those who skip off work, you need a simple app with a standard feature set (call history, GPS location, web activity). You are aware of some inappropriate behavior and want to put a stop to it without firing employees? Then you can’t do without such features as geo-fencing, restricting incoming calls,  content filtering options, blocking specific websites, etc.  And one more thing.  Before signing on the dotted line, make sure all the features you need are supported on the devices you are going to monitor. But remember, it’s illegal to monitor your partner using mobile tracking software without their consent.


When it comes to employee monitoring software, technical support should be provided on a world-class level. Think twice if you come across a monitoring app that doesn’t  boast diversity of support channels. 24/7 live chat and phone support guarantees that it’s not a scam and you would get help any time you need.

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